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Since 1988 Trend Micro has been an internet security pioneer tackling an expanding malware landscape. When you join Trend Micro you join a unique global family with more than 20 years of history marked by an entrepreneurial spirit and vision that has assured our products are always on the cutting edge in a very competitive field.

Trend Micro provides the opportunity to thrive in an industry that is dominating the news worldwide. At Trend we look for people who have the passion and energy to challenge old ways of thinking and to be an agent of change. We believe in working hard, thinking smart and having fun in the process.

Trend’s drive for innovation delivers “security that fits”-- customizable and scalable solutions that have dramatically influenced trends in the security industry. And if you ask Trenders why they work here, they’ll tell you it’s the feeling that comes from working with a group of people who share common goals, are driven by a similar passion, and value the expertise of their peers.

Life at Trend Micro

Our diversity and multicultural workforce are key contributing factors to our success across the globe. This diversity enhances our culture and makes us an organization that people want to be a part of. Our culture is one that embraces change, empowers people and encourages innovation. We like to have fun while taking our culture seriously. We believe in giving back to the global community and helping our neighbors in their time of need.

Core Values

Our core values define who we want to be, are integrated into everything we do, and are deeply rooted in our heritage and culture. These values are so important to us that we regularly review them to ensure they continue to serve in supporting our mission. Known informally as 3CIT, they are:
Customer: Have a passion to serve; make sure we truly benefit our customers
Change: See change as an opportunity; be the change leader
Collaboration: Recognize collective intelligence is the only way to see the whole picture; be ecosystem friendly
Innovation: Dare to fail; create new social values
Trustworthiness: No ego; be authentic; be sincere; be consistent

Management Philosophy


Steve Chang
Chairman and Founder

In the next 10 years, are we going to have sustainable growth and success? Indeed, we have defined our vision, mission, and strategies, but are we going to succeed in achieving our desired future? According to The Harvard Business Review, we have a 64% chance of failing in executing our strategies. So, how do we deliver on our strategies and vision successfully?

The answer is through a flexible and adaptable organization that can anticipate and embrace shifts in the industry to ensure our success. We continually examine our management practices and evolve them to remain an agile company.


Eva-chen-bio-pic Mgt Page

Eva Chen
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

We often talk about our management philosophy and core management process within Trend Micro. We examine what is working, what is not, what should be changed and what should be kept as we add value to the information industry with innovative security solutions. We recognize our people are our core competence and see to grow our people and scale our operation so that we can be stronger, faster, and even more sustainable.

We drive our growth by innovation; we encourage risk-taking and our management style dares you to fail; we trust in the individual’s integrity and sense of ownership; we value team collaboration; and we emphasize “how to grow” more than just growth itself.

Management innovation is at the core of the next generation of business operations at Trend Micro. Several years ago we started the Trend Learning Circle to establish the foundation for our management innovation practice and initiated a process for collecting and discussing important issues, then implementing the changes that will enable Trend to explore its fullest potential, minimize interference, and build a people-centered infrastructure designed to achieve our highest performance.

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