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Global Citizenship

Trend Micro's commitment to being a socially responsible corporate citizen has shaped the way we've done business since our founding in 1988.

Trend Micro encourages its employees worldwide to become involved in their immediate communities and beyond.

Whether it’s building houses in the Philippines, participating in Japan earthquake relief where employee and corporate contributions came to more than $1M USD, working with local parent-teacher organizations in the United States or providing Safe Surfing e-posters to 100 schools in Belgium, Trend encourages its employees to share their time, expertise and good will.

We also encourage our employees to give as generously as they can to their communities knowing that we will match their efforts every step of the way.

In 2008 the company began setting aside 1% of the previous year's post-GAAP profit to fund its Global Citizenship programs, and today, one-quarter of all Trenders participate in Give and Match programs supporting community efforts from Texas to Ottawa to Cambodia.

Internet Safety for Kids and Families
is the flagship of our social commitment programs. It combines volunteerism, funding and core expertise that we share with schools and families worldwide to safeguard their online practices.

Read on for examples of Trend’s commitment in action around the world.

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Support for Disadvantaged Families

The Home Building program brings together employees from around the world to build homes for under privileged families in the Philippines. Since 2008 more than 250 Trend employees from North America, Europe, Japan, and other countries within Asia have taken part by helping to build more than 100 homes. Trend Micro subsidizes employee travel to the Philippines and covers all living and building costs.

In Taiwan, Trend’s alliance with Techsoup provides licenses of top products such as PC-cillin to NGOs, including 96 organizations in 2010/2011.

Through the Department of Social Welfare in Taipei City we’ve subsidized products to low-income families for the past five years. And when our products are not enough we have donated boxes of moon cakes to aboriginal Taiwanese tribes for their Moon Festival.

Tools for Safe and Responsible Online Behavior

Launched in 2008, our Internet Safety for Kids & Families initiative now operates across all regions. The program is designed to give children, parents, teachers, and school administrators the tools and knowledge they need to make safe and responsible decisions while online, and promote good digital citizenship among today's youth. We do this through a worldwide employee volunteer program, grants and donations to eligible organizations, strategic partnerships with organizations working to protect youth, on-site educational programs, and a robust series of online resources.

In April 2009, Trend was the first Internet security company to join the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) URL project, designed to prevent the distribution of child pornography on the Internet.

In 2010, the company joined forces with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), the UK self-regulatory organization for combating criminal online content, primarily child sexual abuse images hosted anywhere in the world. By working with the Internet Watch Foundation, Trend Micro has expanded its ability to block access to URLs containing images and advertisements promoting online sexual abuse involving children.

Resources for Students and Teachers

Beginning with the 2010-2011 academic year, Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids & Families program has been delivering free tools to PTO/PTAs across the United States to assist in educating parents about Internet safety. In partnership with PTO Today, we sponsor Internet Safety Night in which more than 5,000 schools have participated since its inception. Trend volunteers are given the opportunity to present to these school communities throughout the U.S.

“What’s Your Story?” is an international video competition which encourages young people to lead the way in Internet education. The competition, open to everyone aged 13 and over (including individuals and schools), aims to help parents, teachers and young people to become more aware of Internet safety, encouraging and enabling them to act safely and responsibly online.

Trend works with local universities in Taiwan to develop student talent. In 2011 Trend donated NTD$18,000,000 including equipment and servers to Taiwan National University, and another NTD$440,000 to Fu Jen Catholic University.

In Japan, Trend Micro has been hosting a “Summer Seminar” for elementary school children teaching the importance of online security since 2004. In 2011, about 70 Trenders registered as volunteer staff. There are many more Trend volunteers active in multiple countries around the world including the Philippines, Italy, France, Germany,and Argentina.

“Art against Cybercrime“ is a German school project encouraging students to share, by way of artwork, their interpretation of cybercrime.

Give and Match

The Give and Match program provides Trenders the opportunity to extend their generosity and produce greater impacts with their charitable contributions by collaborating with their colleagues around the world.

Each year employees can nominate a non-profit philanthropic organization for consideration for 1:1 matching donations. Organizations eligible to receive matching funds generally support underserved communities with a focus toward, but not limited to, the digital gap, education, the environment, and the underprivileged.

Trenders can also initiate ad hoc Give and Match projects in the case of natural disasters and crises with major casualties (e.g. earthquake, typhoon/hurricane, fire). Recent projects include appeals to help victims of the Thailand flood, East Africa food crisis, and Japan earthquake and tsunami.

The 2012 Trend Micro Sustainability Report

The 2012 Trend Micro Sustainability Report is the second corporate sustainability report issued by Trend Micro. By issuing the corporate sustainability reports, we showed our commitment to the stakeholders in dedication to transparency, collaborations and stakeholder engagement. We believe that through issuing sustainability reports annually, Trend Micro may procure more feedbacks from our stakeholders, which may be used to improve Trend Micro sustainable performances year by year.

Download the full report, please visit here.

As large as our impact might be on local communities, when it comes to our work habits we strive to minimize our impact on the environment.

For eight years running, Trend Micro Japan has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, a clear measurement of the company’s commitment to environmental and employee practices. Only 342 companies are on the list published by Fortune Magazine and used by socially responsible investors. Validating the benefit of our commitment, Nikkei Business magazine ranked Trend Micro as the no. 9 company on its list of “Best Workplaces” in Japan. (March 1, 2010)

Since it has always been a globally dispersed company, Trend offered employees flexible work schedules and the opportunity to work from remote locations long before many other companies. Beyond improving employee productivity and retention, this flexibility allows employees to minimize the environmental impact of commuting to work.

In Europe, 50% of employees take advantage of alternate transportation; in Taiwan, cycling to work is encouraged through ample bicycle parking and employee showers; in Japan, operation “Cool Biz” greatly reduced power requirements in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Other environmentally-conscious efforts include HVAC improvements in server rooms to reduce waste and minimize energy consumption. Offices have been equipped with lighting motion sensors, recycling programs are in effect in all locations, and building maintenance practices include low VOC paints and glues.

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