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Instant-On Cloud Security for Microsoft Azure

Elastic security built for Microsoft Azure

Cloud Computing Security

While cloud computing provides greater efficiency, agility, and flexibility at lower costs, the cloud changes the way security is handled. Security in the cloud is a shared responsibility. Customers and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) must work together to protect applications and data, meet compliance regulations, and ensure business continuity. Trend Micro’s global market leadership in cloud security can help you with your shared security responsibility.

Discover the full benefits of cloud computing with Trend Micro’s Instant-On Cloud Security designed for Microsoft Azure.

Security built for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Organizations around the world are embracing the economic and operational benefits of cloud computing. The ability to extend internal resources and take advantage of the business benefits of Microsoft Azure requires that organizations continue to meet key security requirements. Customers running workloads on Microsoft Azure can face additional security and compliance requirements to protect their applications and data.

Trend Micro’s Instant-On Cloud Security is optimized for the Microsoft Azure environment to address these security needs. Fast to launch and easy to deploy, our tight integration with Microsoft Azure makes security elastic so organizations get the full benefit of the cloud’s agility and cost savings.

Prevent data breaches and business disruptions

  • Continuously scans applications to detect complex attacks
  • Encrypts sensitive information with FIPS 140-2 validated AES-256 encryption and securely manages keys
  • Detects and removes malware in real time with minimal performance impact
  • Reduces exposure to attacks by ensuring cloud servers are only communicating with expected systems
  • Shields known and unknown vulnerabilities like Shellshock and Heartbleed with virtual patching to protect sensitive applications and servers
  • Detects and alerts on suspicious or malicious activity to trigger proactive, preventive actions
  • Leverages web reputation capabilities by controlling server communication at the domain level

Maximize operational cost reductions with Microsoft Azure

  • Saves the effort to deploy and manage disparate products with a comprehensive set of security capabilities
  • Automatically recognizes and provisions security to new instances and deprovisions security when instances are terminated
  • Manages customizable security policy, automatically assigning to new instances based on their workload for rapid, appropriate protection
  • Provides vulnerability protection to prioritize secure coding and cost-effective implementation of unscheduled patching
  • Automates repetitive and resource-intensive security tasks, reducing false positive security alerts and enabling workflow of security incident response

Achieve cost-effective compliance

  • Addresses major compliance requirements for PCI DSS 3.0, as well as HIPAA, NIST, and SAS 70
  • Provides detailed, auditable reports that document prevented vulnerabilities, detected attacks, and policy compliance status
  • Reduces the preparation time and effort required to support audits through centralized security controls and consolidated reporting
  • Supports internal compliance initiatives to increase visibility of internal network activity
  • Leverages proven technology certified to Common Criteria EAL4+

Instant-On Cloud Security for Microsoft Azure

A Comprehensive Set of Security Capabilities for Microsoft Azure

Already selected by thousands of global customers to protect millions of servers, the Trend Micro™ Deep Security platform is available as software or as a service, providing maximum flexibility to organizations.

  • Anti-Malware with Web Reputation. Get timely protection against the constant malware attacks on your systems and data. Powered by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™, Deep Security deployments leverage the latest in global threat intelligence.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention. Shield unpatched vulnerabilities like Shellshock and Heartbleed from attack with security policies that update automatically to ensure the right protection is applied to the right cloud servers at the right time.
  • Advanced Host Firewall. Create a firewall perimeter around each cloud server to block attacks and limit communication to only the ports and protocols necessary, with the ability to log and audit traffic for compliance reporting at the instance level.
  • Integrity Monitoring. Meet your compliance file and system monitoring requirements while ensuring unauthorized or out-of-policy changes—across files, ports, registries, and more—are detected and reported.
  • Log Inspection. Use the centralized security console to identify important security events buried in multiple log entries; and, forward suspicious events to an SIEM system or centralized logging server for correlation, reporting and archiving.


Easy Administration

The integrated administrative console makes managing security for deployments on Azure easy by simplifying the security of cloud deployments:

  • Integrated Customizable Dashboard--enables administrators to see the health of their security environment at a glance.
  • Centralized Alert Function—-provides immediate notification of events or activities that may require immediate attention.
  • Deep Security Events and Reports—-provides 16 different types of reports including user reports, security module-specific reports, and general reports with custom filtering.
  • Customizable Policy Templates—allow users to enable and disable security controls on the fly, based on the specific rules they have assigned.


Designed for Microsoft Azure

Available as software or as a service, Trend Micro™ Deep Security is designed to run on and with Microsoft Azure. This advanced server security for physical, virtual, and cloud servers makes it fast and easy to secure Azure Compute instances. It is easy to manage security from an integrated administrative console that automatically provides a single up-to-date view of your security posture in the Azure environment.

  • Easy deployment of host security—compatible with the leading cloud deployment tools (e.g. Chef, Puppet, Rightscale, OpsWorks, Salt, etc.) so that security can be built into current elastic environments.
  • Instant-on security via autosync—new instances are automatically recognized with security initiated at launch to dramatically reduce the risk of any instances going unprotected.
  • Automatic policy application via autosync—specific customizable policy templates can be applied based on Azure instance information, so the right policies are automatically applied to the right servers. 






Hybrid Cloud Security Solution

Instant-On Cloud Security for Microsoft Azure is built on Trend Micro's Hybrid Cloud Security Solution comprising market-leading products that deliver key capabilities for securing the modern data center and cloud. See how quick and easy it is to deploy elastic security optimized for Azure in the Deep Security demo video and with the PowerShell scripts below.

Trend Micro Deep Security

Advanced server security for physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

Available as software or as a service, Deep Security protects enterprise applications and data from breaches and business disruptions without requiring emergency patching. This comprehensive, centrally managed platform helps organizations simplify security operations while enabling regulatory compliance and accelerating the ROI of virtualization and cloud projects.

Learn more about Deep Security as a Service.

Overview of Deep Security as a Service (1:45)


Optimized for Azure

Trend Micro’s security solutions are optimized for Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, including supporting the use of Microsoft PowerShell scripting to streamline provisioning of security for Windows Azure virtual machines and SharePoint workloads.

Using only the Microsoft Azure console and the Deep Security Manager, you can deploy the Deep Security Agent and add advanced security controls to your virtual machines—quickly and easily. You can use this method to experiment with virtual machines in Azure without sacrificing on security.


Azure VM Agent Extension For Deep Security
Watch video »

Organizations can also leverage leading management tools for Azure, including Chef, Puppet, and RightScale to automate security control deployment. 

See the PowerShell scripts for Deep Security and SecureCloud below.

The Trend Micro™ Deep Security powershell script is used to activate Deep Security agents that have been installed in Microsoft Azure virtual machines, allowing the Deep Security agents to be managed by a Deep Security Manager.

The Trend Micro™ SecureCloud power script is used to remotely deploy the SecureCloud agent into a Microsoft Azure virtual machine, and activate the SecureCloud agent into a SecureCloud Key Management Server under the user`s account.

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