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The GRID: Goodware Resource and Information Database

Security. Flexibility. Confidence.

The GRID is a database of our good files and binaries. It is a vanguard list that differentiates what are safe and good from those that pose a threat to our systems.

Joining the GRID is a strong response to cybercrime.



Why join the GRID program?

Ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for your customers during installation and use of your product. By joining the GRID program, you proactively avoid costly support calls and tainted reputation when antivirus programs mistake your product as malware.

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Why trust Trend Micro?

We are a global leader in Internet content security. We provide integrated threat management technology to protect operational continuity, personal information, and property from malware, spam, data leaks, and the newest web threats.

We offer flexible solutions available in multiple form factors and supported 24x7 by threat intelligence experts around the globe.

We deliver security that is smarter than conventional approaches by blocking the latest threats before they reach you.

Fortify your product and brand integrity by being part of the GRID

  • Make it known that you are serious about the matter of security.
  • Do so with utmost ease and convenience, using automated and highly customizable tools.
  • Lessen the chances of getting flagged as malware.

Join the GRID today

"The collaboration and coordination we’ve had with Trend Micro has proved invaluable. With Trend Micro’s comprehensive whitelisting program, our customers are able to easily download and enjoy our casual games, without the inconvenience of false detections."
- Kevin Miller, Director of Game Quality Assurance, Big Fish Games

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