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Start Your Journey with Physical Security

Lower infections by 73% and security management time by 30%

See the Total Economic Impact
of consolidating your security

Forrester Research outlines cost savings  

Reduce Complexity for Physical Servers and Endpoints

Everyone starts their journey to the cloud with physical security. But even as you virtualize and move resources to the cloud, there will still be a place for dedicated physical servers in your data center. They give you the highest level of visibility and control, provide dedicated computing resources, and support specialty hardware and software. And you will undoubtedly still have physical endpoint devices, even as you introduce VDI and support cloud applications. So, you’ll need to continue to provide effective security for both physical servers and endpoints.

With change on the horizon—or already in your data center—it’s important to have a security solution that protects your physical assets, but is also designed to protect virtual and cloud environments. Trend Micro is recognized by ICD as the worldwide leader in server security. With Trend Micro Deep Security your data is secure wherever it resides with consistent security and management across physical, virtual, and cloud deployments.


Decide When Not to Virtualize

Dave Asprey, Trend Micro VP of Cloud Security, discusses when applications and servers should be kept on dedicated physical machines.

Increase Your Protection at a Lower Cost

Osterman Research highlights how integrating content security across your network can provide immediate protection and save costs.

See Results from The Medical Center of Central Georgia

See how they enforced policies to safeguard patient health information without impeding the ability of staff and physicians to deliver the best possible care.

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