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Accomplish more with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Go agentless with VMware and Trend Micro

Maximize VM density with security built for virtualized desktops

You’re looking to safely extend the benefits of virtualization to the desktop, but traditional VDI security solutions can hog resources and cause serious performance problems. With VDI, desktop images can be managed on a server rather than on each laptop/desktop computer, providing great efficiencies, including faster patching and quicker software upgrades. To realize these benefits, IT administrators must use the right security tools to address the unique security challenges and threats that exist in VDI environments.

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ offers comprehensive, VDI-centric security for virtualized computers that can help improve the security and performance of your VDI servers. And in the process, you’ll maximize consolidation ratios with security solutions designed specifically to handle the rigors of desktop virtualization. Results like these have helped make Trend Micro the leading provider of virtualization security.


Whether you are extending your virtualization successes from servers to desktops or looking for a unified approach for all your physical and virtual desktops, Trend Micro can help you maximize protection and performance.


Agentless security to optimize VDI

Maximize data center performance and consolidation ratios with Deep Security. True agentless security for VDI—including anti-malware, intrusion prevention, web application protection, host firewall, integrity monitoring, and log inspection—ensures no extra footprint from a security agent impacts your virtual desktops and underlying host. Advantages include:


Trend Micro Deep Security employs agentless technology through a lightweight driver in each virtual desktop. The driver is used by the virtualization platform to orchestrate staggered security scans and updates instead of requiring a separate traditional security agent in each virtual desktop. This provides the most optimal protection for virtual desktops. Additional efficiencies include:

  • Agentless technology to optimize performance and increase VM densities
  • Vulnerability shielding (“virtual patching”), to address known patch management issues and protect against zero-day attacks
  • Network-level vulnerability shields to plug software holes

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