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Improve IT Flexibility with Virtualization

Virtualization is becoming the standard for data centers everywhere. But are you getting the most out of your efforts? The challenge is that virtualization introduces shared infrastructure and new security risks that differ from physical servers and desktops. So if you try to use traditional physical security with virtualization, you’ll leave security gaps and needlessly sap resources, which will reduce your VM consolidation ratios. As the recognized leader in virtualization security, Trend Micro has a long history of designing security specifically for virtual environments. So we can help you maximize the benefits of virtualization and prepare for the cloud with better security that optimizes the performance and ROI of these projects.


As you continue to virtualize servers, including critical systems and applications, you need the right security to help you increase efficiency. With Trend Micro Deep Security you’ll see much higher VM densities than you could ever achieve with physical server security—helping you remain protected without sacrificing performance or management.

Get Security Built for VMware

See how the industry’s longest history of tight integration with VMware platforms and APIs can improve your protection.

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Virtualizing desktops can improve your bottom line. But if you’re not careful, securing the sheer number of virtual desktop instances may compound issues such as performance degradation, resource contention, and security storms. Virtualization-aware security in Trend Micro Deep Security is optimized for VDI environments to help you preserve protection and performance, and lower costs.

Save faster. Accomplish more with VDI.

IT-Harvest analyst Richard Stiennon joins experts from VMware and Trend Micro to discuss VDI, security, and cost saving strategies.

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