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Cost Reduction & Consolidation

Lower the Cost and Complexity of
Your Security

Budgets are tight everywhere. And IT security is no exception. But you are still expected to support a wide range of new initiatives to enable top line growth and greater profitability. You need a security vendor that lets you safely deliver these initiatives while reducing complexity and controlling costs.

Consolidating your security with a single vendor is a good place to start. Not only do you get a single source for updates, upgrades, and support, but using a single vendor to protect multiple points in your network can actually improve your protection. Correlating threat intelligence across your network strengthens your defenses and, integrates visibility and control—reducing administration and remediation expenses.

Deploying security that supports your virtualization and cloud initiatives can also lower cost and complexity. Using virtualization-aware security for your virtual machines can maximize performance and increase your consolidation ratios, ultimately accelerating your virtualization and cloud ROI. And you can deploy your security as a virtual appliance or from the cloud to further leverage the agility and costs savings of virtualization and the cloud.

Look for a security vendor who can help you:

  • Consolidate security across your network with one vendor
  • Lower the cost of administration and malware remediation
  • Cut productivity loss associated with poorly performing endpoint and server security
  • Eliminate the high cost of hardware appliances with security virtual appliances
  • Reduce time spent managing updates to conventional signatures by using cloud-based reputation services
  • Eliminate CAPEX and decrease OPEX with SaaS security solutions

Uncover Real Savings with Comprehensive Security

Lower your infections by 73% and spend 30% less time on management with consolidated security based on a cloud-client architecture. See the measurable cost savings uncovered by Forrester Research in a recent total economic impact study.

Calculate Your TCO Savings Using Consolidated Security

Compare the cost of your traditional security to the projected cost of consolidating with one vendor on a new cloud-client security model. Use this new TCO calculator to help you measure potential benefits for your business.

Receive Increased Protection at a Lower Cost

An integrated content security solution across web, messaging, and endpoint reduces infections and saves costs. Osterman Research highlights how this approach provides immediate protection now in a sustainable architecture for the future in this white paper.

Tally your 3-year Savings

Analyst firm Osterman Research confirms that switching from gateway appliances or software to virtual security appliances saves 48 – 54%. See how much you can save using our ROI calculator.

Start with an Unfair Advantage

Give your performance a 60% lift with the industry’s leanest endpoint security and you could save thousands. See what you can gain in a year with our cost savings calculator.

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