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Integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with Central Policy Management

There’s an easier way to enforce data policies across the network

Extend your existing security to support compliance and prevent data loss. Single-click deployment of DLP capabilities is built into Trend Micro endpoint, messaging, and gateway security. And data policies can be enforced across multiple layers of security with new central management for security and data protection.

Integrated data loss prevention is just a click away

You no longer need to deploy an entire separate security infrastructure to realize the benefits of data loss prevention. With Trend Micro solutions, integrated DLP modules are embedded in much of your existing security infrastructure. And you can enforce DLP policies across multiple layers of your security. Integrated Data Loss Prevention is also available in Trend Micro’s enterprise security suites as part of Trend Micro Enterprise Data Protection solution.

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Data-centric protection integrated across the enterprise

Integrated, single-click DLP eliminates cost and complexity barriers that may be holding you back. Adding protection to each protection layer results in no impact security performance. You’ll simplify the roll out of data protection and start seeing results right away.

Central policy management for data and threat protection

Now you can manage threat and data protection policies across distributed environments to streamline administration and provide more consistent policy enforcement.

  • Centralized.
    Analyst outline why central management is essential to preventing fragmented policies across multiple layers of data protection.
  • Coordinated.
    Analyst Jon Oltsik warns that defense-in-depth DLP can lead to inconsistency, loss of visibility, and inefficiency without central management. (2:34)
  • Consistent.
    Trend Micro shares why you need more consistent policy enforcement and threat protection. (1:09)

Enterprise-wide visibility

You need up-to-the-minute situational awareness across your IT infrastructure so that you can rapidly understand your security posture, identify threats, and respond to incidents.

  • Revealing.
    Analyst Jon Oltsik talks about DLP challenges and why it’s important to maintain visibility across multiple layers of protection. (2:27)
  • Forward Thinking.
    Analysts predict future challenges of implementing DLP across the infrastructure and how they will evolve.
  • Aware.
    Trend Micro speaks out on why fragmented DLP solutions result in loss of visibility across layers. (1:03)

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