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End of Life: Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange

Switch to ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange

Gain better protection, higher performance, and lower TCO

Reap the benefits of more advanced mail server security

Now that Forefront Protection for Exchange has been discontinued, companies will need to make a switch. Is this really so bad? For years, Microsoft has offered Forefront mail server security, working hard to create a perception that it was free…despite the real costs of additional components, support contracts, extra administrative time, and more overhead.

In addition, Forefront lacked the advanced protections you need to detect today’s highly targeted attacks or advanced persistent threats (APTs). It also lacked web reputation needed to block bad URLs—the most common form of attack.

Switch now—to your advantage
What are your options now that Forefront Protection for Exchange has been discontinued? Your existing Forefront security will not support Exchange 2013. Microsoft has built security into Exchange 2013, but ESG analysts say native email server security is not good enough. Likewise, most IT managers have quickly discovered that the built-in security lacks basic functions previously offered by Forefront. For example, you can no longer:

  • Scan the mail store for malware
  • Control attachments with true file-type filtering
  • Look in quarantine for a suspicious email
  • Report on security violations 

See analyst email security white paper

Stop APTs and bad URLs

Unlike other leading solutions, Trend Micro
ScanMail™ Suite for Microsoft® Exchange™
delivers the advanced protections you need:

  • Blocks malicious web links and phishing attacks
  • Detects targeted, advanced persistent threats (APTs)
  • Speeds protection with real-time threat intelligence

Try ScanMail free for 30 days

Save time and lower costs

ScanMail is a true “set and forget” solution that minimizes impact on mail servers to ensure high performance and reliability. It also offers the lowest administration and TCO of the five leading security vendors by delivering the following advantages:

  • Speeds mail throughput with native 64-bit support
  • Streamlines IT with role-based access and reporting
  • Improves visibility with searchable quarantine
  • Simplifies compliance with template-based DLP


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