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Enterprise Security Suite

Adaptive protection and faster performance from gateway to endpoint

From your Internet gateway to your mail servers, file servers and endpoints, Trend Micro’s fully integrated, centrally managed Enterprise Security Suite creates a solid security foundation across your network. Powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network™ cloud-based security, this comprehensive suite delivers performance and threat protection to help you reduce costs and increase visibility across the layers of your IT environment.

Enterprise Security Suite provides tightly integrated security across your network. Adaptive threat and data protection follows your data wherever it goes and won’t slow you down—protecting against data breach and business disruption from gateway to endpoint.

Gateway Protection

Stop email and web threats from penetrating your network

InterScan Messaging Security
Stop the majority of email threats and spam in the cloud. Protect your email gateway with powerful software or an integrated hybrid solution that combines the privacy and control of an on-premises virtual appliance with the proactive protection of an optional cloud-based pre-filter. 

InterScan Web Security 
Stop web threats with a software virtual appliance for gateway web security that features application control, leading anti-malware, real-time web reputation, and flexible URL filtering for superior web threat protection.

Mail Server Protection

Block spam, malicious URLs, and malware at the mail serverSecure your servers from malware and other web threats

ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange
Safeguard your mail server with leading antivirus, antispam, and antiphishing protection plus innovative email and web reputation technologies to block messages containing links to malicious sites—the most common cybercriminal tactic.

ScanMail Suite for IBM Domino  
Implement email security as a native IBM Domino server application, blocking viruses, spam, and other email threats. ScanMail Suite reduces administration with group management, centralized control, and cluster support.

File Server Protection

Secure your servers from malware and other web threats

Secure your Windows servers as part of a comprehensive endpoint security framework by consolidating your endpoints under a unified infrastructure.

ServerProtect for Microsoft Windows/Novell NetWare

Get real-time protection for Microsoft Windows and Novell NetWare web servers and file servers, preventing them from spreading viruses, spyware, and other web threats.

ServerProtect for Linux

Simplify and automate security operations for Linux servers, detecting malware in real time with cleanup capabilities to help remove malicious code and repair system damage. ServerProtect for Storage is available as an option.

Client Protection

Secure any endpoint—with the industry’s most reliable protection

Maximize your endpoint security and performance with the industry’s strongest endpoint threat and data protection. An expandable plug-in architecture builds all technologies into a single endpoint agent that is deployed and managed from a single console. Security for Mac and Intrusion Defense Firewall modules are included as part of the suite.

Security for Mac 
Flashback, MacDefender, and phishing attacks have shown the need for effective, adaptive protection for Macs. Achieve a consistent security deployment and policy across all endpoints, regardless of form factor or operating system with enterprise-class threat protection for Apple Mac laptops and desktops.

Vulnerability Protection
Keep your endpoints shielded until patches can be deployed, or indefinitely for out-of-support or un-patchable legacy systems. We’ll help you prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited with a simple recommendation scan and easy, fast-to-deploy filters.

Centralized Management

Streamline administration by centralizing protection policies from a single console.

Control Manager
Centrally manage threat and data policies across multiple layers of your IT infrastructure, streamlining management and providing more consistent policy enforcement.


Get consistent security that delivers proactive protection across your network

  • Reduce risk with comprehensive multi-layered threat prevention
  • Increase productivity with top-rated spam prevention and URL filtering 
  • Stop threats before they infiltrate your network with cloud-based security that correlates web, email, and file threat data


Increase security at lower costs with a consolidated, cloud-client architecture and simplified management. According to Osterman Research, “Cloud-Client Enterprise Security Impact Report,” you can:

  • Save more than $49 per employee using the Enterprise Security Suite
  • Lower endpoint infection rates by 53 percent
  • Slash IT security management costs by 41 percent

Security That Fits

Streamline administration by enforcing threat protection policies from a single console

  • Centralize policy management across Trend Micro security products
  • Coordinate polices with across gateway, mail servers, file servers, and endpoints
  • Gain enterprise-wide visibility of threats for effective security against targeted attacks and data loss

Get proven protection from a leading provider of enterprise security. When you choose Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite for your security solution, you get:

Trend Micro Smart Protection Network
Get immediate protection with Trend Micro Smart Protection Network cloud-based security that powers both on-premises and hosted security by correlating web, email, and file threat data.

Protection proven by independent tests
Trend Micro security consistently dominates real-world benchmark testing, securing high ratings from independent testing facilities such as NSS Labs, Dennis Technology Labs and

No. 1 in spam detection and prevention
According to Opus One comparison tests, Trend Micro solutions came out on top in spam detection.

Lighter, leaner endpoint security
Improve your performance by up to 50 percent.

Lower costs with a cloud-client architecture
See why Enterprise Security Suite customers can expect to save $49 per employee, to lower endpoint infection rates by 53 percent, and to slash IT security management costs by 41 percent.

The Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite gives you a solid security foundation. With additional Trend Micro products you can build on this foundation to customize protection that fits your organization’s needs.

Endpoint and Mobile Devices

Data Loss Prevention for Endpoint
Integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and advanced device control for endpoints, messaging and gateway OfficeScan plug-in for endpoint data protection. DLP for Endpoint is also included as component of Enterprise Data Protection, a set of products that integrate with Enterprise Security Suite to provide end-to-end integrated threat and data security centrally managed from a single console—for complete end user protection from gateway to mobile.

Mobile Security
By adding Trend Micro Mobile Security, you will extend your endpoint protection to smartphones and tablets, plus the data they carry. This 4-in-1 solution combines mobile device antimalware, mobile app management, mobile device management (MDM), and data protection in a single solution that can be centrally managed through Trend Micro Control Manager.  Mobile Security enforces policies for data access and protection, passwords, data encryption, and remote lock and wipe, even select wipe.  With the optional addition of SafeSync for Enterprise, you can also manage all data that is synchronized to mobile devices.


Messaging & Collaboration

Data Privacy and Email Encryption Module for InterScan Messaging Security
Provides data protection and email encryption at the email gateway. Data Privacy and Email Encryption is also a component of Enterprise Security and Data Protection a set of products that integrate end-to-end data security within your Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite.

Data Loss Prevention Module for ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange
Delivers data protection for email at the mail server. DLP is also a component of Enterprise Data Protection a set of products that integrate end-to-end data security within your Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite.

Deep Discovery Advisor Integration for InterScan Messaging Security, ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange, and ScanMail for Lotus Domino
Malware execution analysis and custom threat intelligence and adaptive security updates

Email Encryption

Encrypts email for hosted, gateway, and endpoint email solutions. Email Encryption is also a component of Enterprise Data Protection.

Secures SharePoint collaborations against malware, malicious links, and other threats, and includes DLP protection

IM Security

Safegards Microsoft Lync and Office Communication Server with by stopping a wide range of threats


Web & Network

Advanced Reporting and Management Module for InterScan Web Security
Provides deeper, more concise visibility with real-time reporting on Internet use

Deep Discovery

Enables network-wide protection from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other targeted attacks



Enterprise Data Protection
Secures your data from gateway to mobile devices by integrating a full set of data security products within your Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite. By combining threat and data protection in a flexible, centrally-managed solution, it lowers the cost of and effort to deploy and manage while closing critical security and compliance gaps—for complete end user protection. Enterprise Data Protection is also available as part of our most comprehensive enterprise security suite: Trend Micro Enterprise Security and Data Protection.

Enterprise Data Protection includes these products:

Integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP)  
Identifies, monitors, and protects your private data and intellectual property through highly flexible and granular DLP policy enforcement. Integrated DLP modules are available for the products listed below.

  • OfficeScan
  • InterScan Messaging Security
  • ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange
  • ScanMail for Lotus Domino
  • PortalProtect for Microsoft SharePoint
  • InterScan Web Security
  • Deep Discovery

Trend Micro Control Manager provides central management across integrated DLP solutions. Integrated Data Loss Prevention is also included as a component of the Enterprise Data Protection set of products described above.


Risk Management

Deep Discovery
Enables network-wide protection from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other targeted attacks

Threat Intelligence Manager

Provides actionable threat intelligence and real-time incident response across the network


Support Services

Take advantage of our superior support services to keep your security strong, minimize threats, and free up your valuable IT resources for other critical functions.

Test the comprehensive protection of Enterprise Security Suite in your enterprise. Simply click on any of the links below to download the trial for that component product. To simplify downloading more than one trial, please check the “create an account” box at the bottom of the trial registration form.

Client/Mobile Device


Enterprise Security Suite supports a wide variety of enterprise environments. To view system requirements for specific suite components, click on the desired product below and scroll down the page to view the system requirements tab or link on the right.

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