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Global Market Share Report: Trend Micro #1 in Cloud Security

“The major player in the global cloud security software market is Trend Micro”

- TechNavio Global Market Share report

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In a new cloud security market report from TechNavio, Trend Micro was recognized as the market share leader.

TechNavio values the Global Cloud Security Software market at US$241 million for 2010 and expects it to reach US$963.4 million in 2014; growing at a CAGR of 41.4 percent.

According to TechNavio, “Trend Micro is able to dominate the market because of its diversified geographic reach, established customer base, and brand reputation.

"Further, the company has a partnership network with cloud and virtualization service provider, VMware, which has helped it gain market share. Trend Micro also has partnerships with companies such as HP, Cisco, Dell, Microsoft Corp., Oracle, and Wipro.”

TechNavio cites four key company strengths that put Trend Micro in the #1 position:

  • The company is the leader in both the Cloud Security and Virtualization Security markets.
  • Its solutions provide granular fine detailed control, providing a policy-based approach to key management and data access.
  • The solution provides the option of physical storage of keys away from the Cloud Service Provider. This helps in better control and may significantly reduce data theft cases.
  • The company also provides hosted key management that offloads in-house support teams and self-supporting enterprise customers.

The Global Cloud Security Software market report cites two primary drivers for the global cloud security software market: 1) the growing use of cloud services for critical data storage; and 2) the sudden increase in cloud-specific attacks.

An increasing number of companies are transferring their data to cloud to meet requirements for greater flexibility, cost savings, and availability. Further, TechNavio highlights the following growth factors:

  • Increase in cloud-based services in non-traditional sectors such as online gaming, and online music stores because of their advantages such as unlimited storage, ease of use, and easy sharing
  • Growing adoption of cloud services by government departments owing to the increase in data and growing flexibility needs
  • Rise in employee mobility compelling companies to provide access to email, databases, storage, etc., through the cloud, and is thus driving companies to adopt cloud security solutions
  • Rise in cloud service-specific attacks, such as the attacks on Amazon services in April 2011, which saw a prolonged outage of Amazon services, and the breach of email marketing provider, Epsilon in late March 2011
  • Growing usage of cloud services for critical data storage due to advantages in anywhere availability, ease of upgrades, and seamless integration, especially in companies with geographically dispersed operations

"Trend Micro’s dominance in the cloud security market is the result of the focus and dedication our company has poured into cloud security innovations, which has enabled us to extend the reach of the global cloud infrastructure while maximizing security, reducing complexities, and providing a better user experience,” said Steve Quane, Chief Product Officer.

This recognition follows on the heels of Trend Micro being positioned as the leader in corporate endpoint server security and the leader in worldwide virtualization security management market*

Download the complete Global Cloud Security Software market report

* IDC Worldwide Endpoint Security 2011-2015 Forecast and 2010 Vendor Shares; TechNavio Global Virtualization Security Management Solutions 2010-2012.

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