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Worry-Free Services Advanced

For today’s cyber threats, antivirus alone is not enough protection

Your business needs comprehensive, hosted endpoint and email security for your Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Services Advanced

  • Shields against ransomware
  • Requires no server or maintenance
  • Blocks malicious email attachments in real time
  • Stops threats before they reach your business
  • Blocks access to inappropriate websites
  • Supports Microsoft Office 365 using Trend Micro™ Hosted Email Security
  • Sets up easily and updates automatically
  • Protects mobile devices

Worry-Free Business Security takes care of your IT security so you can focus on growing your business.

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Worry-Free Services Advanced is cloud-based, enterprise-grade security designed specifically for small businesses. It provides:

Device protection

  • Centralized control for your Windows, Macs, and mobile devices (Android and iOS)
    • Allows you to manage your multiple device platforms all under one console.
    • Is hosted by Trend Micro so the management console is accessible anywhere online.
  • Threat protection and web security
    • Defends against viruses, spyware, and other malware.
    • Shields against ransomware.
    • Blocks inappropriate websites with advanced URL filtering.
    • Blocks or allows certain types of network traffic.
    • Applies behavior monitoring to protect clients from unusual modification to OS or installed software.
    • Prevents access to URLs that pose security risks with cloud-based web reputation.
  • Mobile device security and management
    • Provides app scanning and unsafe website blocking for Android devices.
    • Features mobile device management for Android and iOS, including remote lock, remote wipe, and password management.
    • Includes mobile protection for two devices (with each seat).
  • Data protection
    • Limits access of USB drives and other attached devices to prevent data loss and block threats.

Email protection

  • Inbound and outbound email filtering
    • Filters emails at Trend Micro data center in the cloud to stop spam, malware, and phishing attacks.
    • Protects both Microsoft Exchange servers and hosted emails (ex: Microsoft Office 365 and Google Gmail).
    • Offers 99%+ spam blocking with no more than.0003% false positives and zero email-based viruses, all covered by SLA.
  • Targeted attack protection
    • Gives you extra security against advanced malware, zero-day threats, and document exploits.
    • Uses sandbox technology hosted at Trend Micro data center to defend against advanced targeted attacks and spear-phishing.
  • Hosted email encryption
    • Automatically enforces compliance requirements and protects confidential information using policy-based encryption.
    • Requires no hardware or software to install on devices.

Worry-Free provides advanced malware and ransomware protection

Your endpoints are protected on or off the corporate network against viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, spyware, ransomware, and new variants as they emerge.

  • Reduces the burden of pattern file management and lowers performance impact
  • Detects and blocks ransomware encryption activities
  • Identifies and blocks botnet and targeted attack C&C communications
  • Secures users and endpoint systems from accessing malicious web content, without relying on updates, to assure zero-day protection

Defending against ransomware on the endpoint with:

  • Behavior monitoring – Monitors for the rapid encryption of multiple files (filtering out good encryption processes) and kills the malicious encryption process before ransomware can spread. This advanced capability restores any files encrypted before the offending process was killed.
  • Web reputation - Blocks ransomware threats via the cloud using data from the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network and by blocking the ransomware (C&C) activity.
  • Browser exploit prevention - Uses multiple heuristic analysis techniques to detect and block exploit code on web pages (e.g., exploits in Java and Flash) that try to download ransomware as you attempt to access web pages.

Cloud App Security

  • Uncovers ransomware and other malware in office files: Uses document exploit detection to find hidden malware inside common office file formats like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel as was seen in 60% of targeted attacks.
  • Discovers unknown malware using pattern-less technologies: Top-rated Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ sandbox technology uses behavioral analysis to detect unknown malware and shares intelligence learned during analysis with other security layers. Pre-filter sandbox technology avoids unnecessary delays.
  • Sets up quickly and automatically: API integration requires no software to install, no user setting changes, no proxy to deploy, and no MX record to change. The automatic setup takes only five minutes for a small business.

Hosted Email Security blocks ransomware before it ever gets to your users

By blocking ransomware at the email gateway, you prevent it from ever reaching your users. In just a short, 30-day snapshot (April ~ May 2016), Trend Micro Hosted Email Security blocked more than 1.4 million emails with ransomware.

Hosted Email Security:

  • Detects and blocks ransomware with malware scanning, antispam and file (including executables and macro) scanning
  • Gives you advanced threat protection with sandbox malware analysis (optional), social engineering protection and zero-day and document exploit detection
  • Uses web reputation to protect against web links in malicious emails


Worry-Free Services Advanced is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that gives you industry-leading, enterprise-grade protection. It allows you to:

  • Manage the security of all your devices (Windows, Macs, mobile) on one web console.
  • Stop email threats in the cloud before they reach your network.
  • Protect against spear-phishing and advanced targeted attacks.
  • Focus on your business while automatic updates keep your security up-to-date.
  • Enforce security policy to employees anywhere—even at branch offices and in their homes.
  • Enjoy affordable pricing with annual subscription billing


Worry-Free Services Advanced uses the highly-rated Trend Micro™ Mobile Security for Android to protect against malware on Android devices.


Trend Micro’s messaging and mail server security have ranked first in Opus One’s seven consecutive antispam tests, outperforming leading security vendors. — Opus One, 2012-2014

Worry-Free Services Advanced Worry-Free
Centralized Management
Web Management Console Hosted by Trend Micro. Can be accessed anywhere via Internet Hosted by Trend Micro. Can be accessed anywhere via Internet Via LAN or VPN Via LAN or VPN
Management server location Hosted by Trend Micro –server maintenance free Hosted by Trend Micro – server maintenance free On-premises On-premises
Updates and patches pushed to users Automatic Automatic Manual with complete control Manual with complete control
Policy pushed to users Via Internet. Can be pushed anywhere. Via Internet. Can be pushed anywhere. Via LAN or VPN Via LAN or VPN
PCs, laptops, Windows servers
Mac clients (iMacs and MacBooks) and servers
Mobile devices (Android and iOS) each seat comes with anti-virus and mobile protection for two devices    
NEW and UNIQUE - Mobile device security * *   **
Antivirus and Web Security
Defends against viruses, spyware and other malware
UNIQUE - Advanced URL filtering blocks inappropriate websites


Web threat protection stops viruses and threats  before they reach your business
ENHANCED: Ransomware protection
Data Protection
Device control - limits access of USB drives and other attached devices to prevent data loss and block threats
UNIQUE - Data loss prevention via business email messages, sent accidentally or deliberately      
Messaging Security and Antispam
Stops spam and email-based viruses before they reach mail servers    

Via included Hosted
Email Security

Threat protection and multi-layer antispam for Microsoft™ Exchange Servers      
Advanced targeted attack and spear-phishing protection      
Technical Support
Business hours support
24x7 support and access to advanced engineers Purchased separately Purchased separately Purchased separately Purchased separately



*For Android and iOS , Mobile Device Protection includes password security, remote lock/ wipe, remote locate (Android only), app scanning (Android only), and unsafe website blocking (Android only).

**For Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync users only. Features include device access control, remote wipe, security policy (enhanced password, lock after inactivity, wipe after retry limit, enforced Exchange encryption). Supports Android, iOS , Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

The most current system requirements for Worry-Free Business Security Services can be found here


Frequently Asked Questions:

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Please visit our Worry-Free Business Security support page.

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