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Ochsner Health System

Ochsner Health System Helps Maintain the Vitality of 15,000 Users and 1,000 Servers with Trend Micro Security Solutions

Maintains stable platform to support delivery of high-quality healthcare

Delivering high quality healthcare in a region that’s vulnerable to large-scale disasters is critical. Founded in 1942 in Southwest Louisiana, Ochsner Health System is a non-profit healthcare provider that delivered key support to the victims of hurricane Katrina. It hosts one of the largest non- university based physician training centers, and conducts approximately 300 ongoing clinical research trials annually.

To help bring stability to this region in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in 2005, Ochsner stepped up to acquire four additional hospitals that were closing. Ochsner is now the largest healthcare system in the area with 900 physicians, 90 medical specialties, 10 hospitals and 45+ neighborhood health centers. Ochsner employs an IT team of 280 technicians, which oversees 15,000 workstations and 1,000 servers. They have a primary data center in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, and a disaster recovery center in Tennessee.













As a significant healthcare provider in the region, Ochsner must protect patient data as well as proprietary business information. With the awareness that comes with an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape, Ochsner wanted to provide a predictable IT environment for 24/7 compliance, rock- solid security, and improved customer satisfaction. “The five pillars of Ochsner’s mission are to serve, heal, lead, educate, and innovate,” said William Schley, IT Director for Ochsner Health System. “We take the stewardship of healthcare data very seriously. In order to uphold our pillars of excellence, we go beyond regulatory requirements to protect our patient information.”

Having quadrupled in size through acquisitions since hurricane Katrina, Ochsner also acquired a variety of disparate systems that had to be integrated and protected. In 2001, Ochsner operated 200 servers. Today, their network uses over 1,000 servers. “As we expanded our services, it was important to maintain our reputation,” said Schley. “To do so, we needed to protect our growing IT environment with a reliable security solution.”

With a data center environment that was 80% virtualized and a non-virtualized desktop environment, Ochsner wanted a solution that could efficiently manage their private cloud, desktop, and virtualized ecosystems. “We have a diverse network that requires multiple layers of protection,” said Schley. “Keeping our IT environment secure is one of our biggest concerns.”

In addition to simplifying the management of their core services, Ochsner required a comprehensive system that managed security from a single pane of glass. “After hurricane Katrina, we acquired a handful of hospitals with disparate systems, some virtualized, some not,” said Schley. “We wanted a solution with sophisticated yet simple capabilities that would allow us to manage the system from a single console.”

Ochsner turned to Trend Micro for a Complete User Protection solution in order to provide 24/7 compliance, end-to-end security, and customer satisfaction. The solution includes Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™, ServerProtect™, and Trend Micro™ Control Manager™. With familiar tools that protect its wide-spread IT environment and valuable customer data, Ochsner is able to manage all security from a single console.

To deliver real-time protection for Ochsner against the latest threats, OfficeScan was deployed for both physical and virtual endpoint environments. OfficeScan enhances Ochsner’s endpoint protection with cloud-based global threat intelligence, integrated data loss prevention, and a virtualization-aware client that reduces the endpoint footprint, protects sensitive data, and improves endpoint performance across the organization. “OfficeScan has been an excellent tool for our IT department,” said Schley. “Its flexibility provides us with the capabilities we need to adapt in a complex environment.”

While simplifying and automating security operations on Ochsner’s 1,000+ servers, Trend Micro ServerProtect solution delivers reliable virus, spyware, and tool kit protection. The solution scans and detects malware in real time and helps remove malicious code and repair system damage. “The virus containment capabilities of ServerProtect have been very effective at preventing the spread of malware,” said Schley. “We rely on Trend Micro’s prompt protection and clean-up capabilities to the fullest. Their automated approach keeps viral threats off our radar and turns security into a non-issue for management.”

With multiple Trend Micro solutions to manage, Ochsner uses the end-to-end visibility of Trend Micro Control Manager to monitor their entire security environment, enable centralized policy management for data and threat protection, and quickly identify issues. “Control Manager makes it so easy to assess status and respond to security events. We use the quarterly reports to keep our entire organization updated on security issues and requirements,” said Schley.

Why Trend Micro

While pleased with the depth and breadth of Trend Micro security solutions, Ochsner knows that it must continue to prepare for the future. Ochsner is considering Trend Micro™ Deep Security™, which would support desktop virtualization and further enhance Ochsner’s IT security profile. “We plan to continue innovating and providing a high-quality IT environment to support Ochsner’s medical environment,” said Schley. “As we grow, we will look to Trend Micro for solutions that can help us protect that environment. Our goal is to maintain a stable platform to support the delivery of high-quality healthcare in our region. Trend Micro allows us to do that at the highest of levels.”

The Ochsner IT team realizes that vital patient information flows throughout their systems, and takes the responsibility to protect that data very seriously. Ochsner looks to Trend Micro to keep their environment protected and allow their IT team to focus on more important issues. “Instead of dealing with malware, we can work on value-added activities that directly benefit the business,” said Schley. “Trend Micro provides a secure IT environment that earns the trust of our patients. That’s big.”

Ochsner has enjoyed dramatically improved physical and virtual endpoint protection from OfficeScan with capabilities like virtual patching against zero-day threats. “When we found a zero day problem, we sent Trend Micro the information,” said Schley. “They promptly issued a new signature to avoid the threat.”

“With ServerProtect in place, we can easily deploy security to new physical or virtual servers and enable policy enforcement,” said Schley. “The solution downloads scan engine updates automatically, making it much more efficient and effective compared to manually updating the scan engine for a thousand servers.”

A high level of security protection at Ochsner is confirmed by recent reports. “According to those reports, 99% of our products are protected, and 97% of attempts to access the system were detected and quarantined,” said Schley. “Those are exceptional numbers that we are very pleased with.”

The cherry on the top has been the Trend Micro Control Manager central console. It has given Ochsner improved visibility across the IT environment, providing peace of mind that its systems and private information are always protected. “Trend Micro makes it easy to forget about the numbers. We don’t need to worry about IT threats—Control Manager makes it easy for us to see problems and fix them before they impact users,” said Schley.

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