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Tegen Ltd.

Tegen Selects Trend Micro to Secure and Manage Customer IT Environments

Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Business Security Services and Trend Micro™ Remote Manager deliver continuity, confidence, and complete user protection

Tegen is an IT solutions company specializing in Cloud solutions, outsourced IT services and IT consultancy. Founded in 2002, the company provides IT support to mid-tier businesses in industries ranging from retail to engineering. With UK offices in Surrey and London, Tegen assists businesses throughout Central London and the South East section of England.

One unique aspect of Tegen is its high degree of strategic IT management and consultancy, project services and outsourced support, coupled with a range of Cloud solutions to fit nearly every business need. Tegen’s core services are supplemented with other offerings through its partner network including telecommunications, software development, and specialized web and database development making them an integrated and valued part to their customers organizations.

These services have fueled the company’s rapid growth over the past two years to more than 20 fully managed client networks with over 1,500 end users. Tegen’s current IT environment includes 10 on-premises servers utilizing Microsoft Hyper-V, a milieu of PCs and Mac computers, and a number of Cloud services spread across three data centers.















Tegen is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality IT service offerings in a rapidly-changing environment. “Technology advances so fast, we have to progress with it to help our customers with the latest solutions that make them more efficient and increase their performance,” said Richard Smith, Tegen’s Founder and Managing Director.

As one of the few ISO 20000 certified businesses in the UK, Tegen is a process-driven company with a commitment to delivering the best in IT services, management, support programs, and on-premises and Cloud solutions. Given this commitment, Tegen was challenged in finding the best security solution to protect its customers’ desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices against the ever-present threat of viruses, Trojans, and malware attacks. “Today’s cyber-attacks are concentrated on finding and exploiting network vulnerabilities—such as targeting individuals who use their own devices at work,” said Smith. “We needed a security solution to protect these personal devices, along with the rest of our customers’ IT environments.”

The problem was that Tegen’s clients were using a variety of their own security solutions which only added complexity to Tegen’s approach. “With our clients using different security products, managing security was not very efficient,” said Smith. “In addition, we had to train our staff to support all of these security solutions, which added to the complexity.”

Being tasked to manage so many different security solutions, it was also challenging for Tegen to track renewals for each client, sometimes resulting in lost revenue. To streamline management, training, and billing, while increasing security measures, Tegen needed a single solution that could help them to seamlessly manage and ensure every client’s security environment from a single console.

With complete confidence that they had selected the right security solution, Tegen uses Worry-Free Business Security Services to secure its own IT environment, as well as provide the automated platform and single-console management it needed to improve efficiency and ensure customer protection. “With Trend Micro’s automated solution, our customers now receive alerts when an issue occurs, and they know we’re watching the same alerts and working to resolve issues as they arise,” said Smith. “Worry-Free Business Security Services gives our customers the confidence that every device they own is protected.”

To improve the efficiency of its IT staff, Tegen also uses Trend Micro Remote Manager to centrally manage its customers IT security from a single console. It’s been a valuable tool that has greatly improved the company’s effectiveness. “The console provides a high level of granularity that allows us to see the details of a customer’s security,” said Smith. “If a client machine is out of contact with the management system, we can contact the customer to determine if that machine is still active and take appropriate actions.”

The hosted solution allows Tegen to offer security services in a pay-as-you-go model, which makes it very easy to bill its clients. “With Worry-Free Business Security Services, we no longer have to worry about security products that need updates or losing revenue due to missing license renewals,” said Smith.

Why Trend Micro

After realizing that they needed more effective security to protect client IT environments, Tegen began its search for the best IT security solution that was also easy to implement and manage. “We were looking for a robust, non-intrusive solution that did not slow down customer performance,” said Smith. “It also had to work with the software in use today, and it had to be a fully managed product.”

After testing products from all of the leading security vendors, including pilot programs at customer sites, Tegen discovered that Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Business Security Services delivered the performance, security, and automated platform it was looking for. “Trend Micro ticked every box on our list,” said Smith. “The solution from other vendors were either too intrusive or lacked the security features we needed.”






Since offering Worry-Free Business Security Services to its clients, Tegen has realised several benefits, including simplified management and billing. Rather than dealing with annual license renewals, which made invoicing complicated and time-consuming, Tegen now bills monthly through the automated system. “This has simplified our processes and increased our revenue by at least 10%,” said Smith.

The Trend Micro solution has also improved the effectiveness of Tegen’s help desk with streamlined training and reduced support costs. With Worry-Free Business Security Services, Tegen’s IT support team only has to learn a single security solution, which saves time and allows help desk employees to develop a high level of expertise.

In addition, Tegen can now roll out new policies in minutes, rather than days. Plus, everyone on the help desk is certain that 100% of customer end points have up-to-date protection. “The time-saving benefits of the solution have been huge for our help desk,” said Smith. “Worry-Free Business Security Services and Remote Manager have increased our own internal help desk efficiency by 30%,” says Richard T.A. Neal, Tegen’s Operations Director.

With Trend Micro, Tegen is confident that its customer IT environments are always protected, their data is safe, and they are staying ahead of the latest threats. “Our customers really appreciate the continuity that we provide with Worry-Free Business Security Services and the knowledge that they are fully protected,” said Smith.

What's Next

As a leader in IT managed services for the greater London area, Tegen is constantly looking for support and expertise from its partners such as Trend Micro. “As a growing IT solutions and service provider, there are always new challenges we face,” said Smith. “We look to Trend Micro to help us keep up with new developments in the threat landscape so we can provide the security stability that our customers expect.”

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