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Cyber Attack Protection

We're taking a new approach to counter targeted cyber attacks.

As the cyber threat environment evolves, threat protection must evolve as well. With the emergence of targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats, it is clear that a new approach to cyber security is required. Traditional techniques are simply no longer adequate to secure data against cyber attacks.

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) and targeted attacks have proven their ability to penetrate standard security defenses and remain undetected for months while siphoning valuable data or carrying out destructive actions. And the companies you rely on most are some of the most likely targets – financial institutions, healthcare organizations, major retailers and others.

PC World reported an 81% increase in 2011 of advanced, targeted computer hacking attacks, and according to Verizon’s 2012 research findings, there were a staggering 855 cyber security incidents and 174 million compromised records.

According to the 2012 Ponemon study on the costs of cybercrime in the US for 56 large organizations, there are 1.8 successful attacks per organization per week, with the median cybercrime cost of $8.9M per organization.

These cyber attacks are:

  • Social – Targeting and attacking specific people with social engineering and advanced malware
  • Sophisticated – Exploiting vulnerabilities, using backdoor controls, stealing and using valid credentials
  • Stealthy – Executed in a series of low profile moves that are undetectable to standard security or buried among thousands of other event logs collected every day


With this cyber-criminal activity rapidly on the rise, how can you take effective cyber security measures?

The ideal solution would weave your entire security infrastructure into a custom and adaptable defense tuned to your particular environment and particular attackers. It would enable you to not only detect and analyze these attacks, but fight back against your attackers.

Our Network Defense solution provides proactive cyber security with a specialized threat protection platform that performs network-wide monitoring to detect zero-day malware, malicious communications, and attacker behaviors that are invisible to standard security defenses.

It runs suspect code in a safe, controlled environment that can be optimized for performance and configured to evade hacker techniques that are on the lookout for sandboxing solutions.

It enables you to profile the risk, origin, and characteristics of the attack, and uniquely delivers actionable intelligence to help you contain and remediate the attack, then adapt and strengthen your protection against further cyber attacks.

Our solution is the only one which provides a complete lifecycle for dealing with targeted threats and APTs:

  • Detect malware, communications and behavior invisible to standard defenses
  • Analyze the risk and characteristics of the attack and attacker
  • Adapt security automatically to provide protection
  • Respond using the insight needed to counter your specific attackers

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