Targeted Attacks

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation posted a warning about ransomware targeting companies and enterprises. How serious is this threat?
    The defensive measures companies can take to respond to a targeted attack, from securing sensitive data to intrusion detection and forming an incident response team.
    Well-designed attacks proceed in six components that show how attackers progress within their targets. Learn about the components that make for a successful campaign to know how to form a proper threat response plan.
    Exploring the motives behind targeted attacks, and why attacker groups spend so much time, effort, and resources to ensure a successful operation.
    Analysis and insight on targeted attack cases in 2014, with information on state-sponsored attacks and the new tools and techniques used.
    Backdoors are applications that open computers to remote access, and are used as a way to avoid detection and carry out targeted attacks. How can IT administrators secure their networks against these backdoor techniques?
    Black Energy and KillDisk are malware that was used on the attack on Ukraine power facilities in December 2015. This primer discusses the different components of the threat, how it can affect enterprises, and what defenses can be set up against such a threat.

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