Internet of Things

The WEP and WPA2 wireless security protocols have both been discovered with vulnerabilities such as KRACK that hackers can exploit to compromise devices, spy on users, and perform other malicious activities. How can users secure their wireless connections?
We discuss how manufacturers, users, and other involved parties can prevent IoT security incidents and work toward securing surveillance cameras in the market.
This research examines the oft-overlooked infection vectors in today’s healthcare networks: exposed medical devices and supply chain attacks.
Routers are the gateways to all internet-connected devices in homes. They could also be potentially welcoming a bevy of home network threats risking users’ information and security. Here we review the most noteworthy home network security events of 2017.
Western European, UK, French, German, and US cities exposed. Are your connected devices searchable on the internet? Find out what you are risking.
A critical factor contributing to the increasing expenses on mobile phones is fraud. Recently, the cost of criminal telecom equipment has decreased to the point that individuals can launch attacks. Read our report produced in collaboration with Europol.
Blockchain is one of the key concepts in IoT conversations today, touted to accelerate the scaling of IoT implementations. However, due to its nascent nature, what could be the potential risks, and how can blockchain play a role in IoT security?
Beijing’s traffic authority gives tech company Baidu a go-ahead for testing self-driving cars on its public roads. What does this mean for self-driving cars and technologies?
The results of a security preparedness survey reveal that more than half of organizations aren't ready to defend against online extortion and data breaches.
Senior threat researcher Rainier Link talks about smart car security, the role of car manufacturers in securing vehicle systems, and security as a top consideration when creating new tech.
With plenty of voice-based internet-of-things devices in use around the world, it is expected that they will become riddled with compatibility issues and privacy concerns. What threats are there and what can be done to mitigate them?
Researchers reiterate that wearables are vulnerable to different attack scenarios that risk users’ privacy and security. How do we go about securing the use of wearables and other IoT devices?

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